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What the Hell do Women Really Want

by Jama Clark

understanding the inside of women's minds, Men have joked about this for years: "Ugh, she called me a NICE GUY", knowing that this killed one's chances for any woman. true. This book is filled with much research based on evolutionary biology and presented in a direct manner. If you are looking for a Touchy-feely, I'm OK-You're OK, Let's sing Kumbaya, relationship book; look elsewhere. Personally, I find this type of directness refreshing. For some readers who may fit the molds she describes, this book will be disturbing. I believe that's the author's intent: shock therapy for complacent readers. Read it, think about how it applies to your situation, and try it. If the book doesn't work for you, Dr Clark is willing to do over the phone consultations-she's listed her office number and email. Not many authors will do that. All in all, an impressive book for "jerks" and "nice guys"..

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