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Nice Guys And Players: Becoming the Man Women Want

by Rom Wills

Review: always knew I was a 'nice guy', and my relationships have always ended with the woman I love saying...'I love you, but I don't want to BE with you anymore...but we can be best friends.' I've not even finished this book yet, but seeing in print what I've know deep down all along has already given me the strength to take control of my life back from these women. It hit me like a lightning bolt. I'm a kind person at heart, and always felt like I would be 'playing games' if I didn't just do what came naturally. What I realize now is, being true to what I want, and being assertive is not a game. It's empowering, and I feel better about myself already. I will always be kind, but I'll never allow myself to be taken advantage of again!

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